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By blending seduction and refinement with technical innovation, MILLESIA conquered the luxury lingerie market with exquisite style and the finest high-end materials. MILLESIA is a French brand that offers women their most beautiful creations from the lineage of the most famous corset makers. Accuracy of performance, well-kept finishes and attention to detail characterize the brand. The luxury lingerie collections are the result of a very personal mixture of elegance, innovation and ancestral know-how. Since 1994, MILLESIA's success has proven that, among luxury lingerie giants, true creativity can make the difference. The philosophy of MILLESIA holds in three essential points: the French culture, the material, and the product structure. Women desire to please and be pleased, and MILLESIA offers original creations which will complement the feminine body and its sensual lines. Refined and delicate, MILLESIA's lingerie collections embody Frenchstyle charm, along with a mixture of seduction, femininity and elegance.

Cravache - Millesia

Baroque rouge - Millesia

Baroque noir - Millesia

Desir noir nude - Millesia

Desir - Millesia

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