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Millesia - clandestine-noir

French Lingerie

The Clandestine woman is secret. Her model is Mata Hari ; sometimes charming sometimes unseizable and even outlaw. She was a legendary spy as well as a charming dancer : she stunned the highest leaders to take away from them classified information, without being noticed, during the First World War in France. At the beginning of the 20th century, her lascivious dances made her glory. Mata Hari dared to reveal what nobody else before had done. She became the darling of the Tout-Paris that she enchanted. This sensual and bright silk, enhanced with cuts and pleats will bring "grace" to the one who will dress in it. The strass jewel that decorates every piece of the line underlines richness and brightness. Pink stands for the more greedy and Natural is perfect under a wedding dress.
Millesia - clandestine-noir - g-string
Millesia  -  clandestine-noir 
MODEL: g-string
DISCOUNT  - 60 %
PRICE (excl Vat): 45.00 €  18.00 €
PRICE (inc Vat): 54.00 €  21.60 €
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Millesia - clandestine-noir - g-string
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